Elizabeth Finch

Elizabeth Finch by Julian Barnes Jonathan Cape

Elizabeth Finch by Julian Barnes Alfred A. Knopf

Elizabeth Finch was a teacher, a thinker, an inspiration - always rigorous, always thoughtful. With careful empathy, she guided her students to develop meaningful ideas and to discover their centres of seriousness.

As a former student unpacks her notebooks and remembers her uniquely inquisitive mind, her passion for reason resonates through the years. Her ideas unlock the philosophies of the past, and explore key events that show us how to make sense of our lives today. And underpinning them all is the story of J - Julian the Apostate, her historical soulmate and fellow challenger to the institutional and monotheistic thinking that has always threatened to divide us.

This is more than a novel. It's a loving tribute to philosophy, a careful evaluation of history, an invitation to think for ourselves. It's a moment to reflect and to gently explore our own theories and assumptions. It is truly a balm for our times.


"A lyrical, thoughtful, and intriguing exploration of love, grief, and the collective myths of history. Barnes adds yet another remarkable title to his astoundingly remarkable body of work." -- Booklist


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English Editions

Elizabeth Finch. London: Jonathan Cape, 2022. [Visit the Penguin Random House website.] [Unbound page proofs; Bound UK Proof]

Elizabeth Finch. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2022. [Uncorrected proof]

Elizabeth Finch. Toronto: Random House Canada, 2022.

Elizabeth Finch by Julian Barnes Atlas Contact
Audio Editions

Bolinda Publishing, 2022. Read by Justin Avoth. 5 hours, 17 minutes (ISBN: 9781038601049; 5 compact discs). (ISBN: 9781038601056; “MP3 Ready” on 1 compact disc).

Translated Editions

Dutch - Elizabeth Finch. Atlas Contact, 2022. Translated by Ronald Vlek.

French - Elizabeth Finch. Mercure de France, 2022. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin.

Swedish -  Elizabeth Finch. Bakhåll, 2022. Translated by Andreas Vesterlund.


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24 March 2022 - Anna Orhanen. "A UK Exclusive Q&A with Julian Barnes on Elizabeth Finch," Waterstones Blog.


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