England, England

Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction
England, England by Julian Barnes England, England by Julian Barnes England, England by Julian Barnes

Picture an England where all the pubs are quaint, the Royals behave themselves (more or less), and the cliffs of Dover actually are white. Now imagine that the principal national treasures—from Stonehenge to Buckingham Palace—are grouped together on the Isle of Wright.

This is precisely the vision that Sir Jack Pitman seeks to realize: a "destination" where tourists can find replicas of Big Ben, Wembley Stadium, the National Gallery, Princess Di's grave, and even Harrods (conveniently located inside the Tower of London), and visit them all in the course of a weekend. As this land of make-believe takes on its own comic and horrible reality, Barnes delights us with a novel that is at once a philosophical inquiry, a burst of mischief, a hilarious romp, and a moving elegy about authenticity and nationality.

Julian Barnes, according to The Sunday Times, "has written nothing more poignant and enticing."

"Barnes understands that what elevates gifted satire above mere wit is heart, a subtle counterbalance of true feeling" -David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

"This is satire at its best, and there is much in the 'England, England' section that is ingenious, funny or both." -Richard Eder, New York Times

"The search for authenticity, in an increasingly unreal world, is worth it. It's the search for life itself." -Andrew Marr, The Observer

"Mr. Barnes has crafted not only a very funny satire about England and the world. He has also skillfully dissected the discomforting ways in which we all have grown to accept, and even depend on, illusion." -Jay Hershey, Wall Street Journal



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England, England by Julian Barnes England, England by Julian Barnes
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Audio Editions

England, England. Random House Audio, 1996: Read by Julian Barnes [Abridged, 3 hours, 10 minutes]

England, England. Phoenix Books, 1999: Read by Judy Geeson [Abridged, 6 hours]

Translated Editions

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04/24/2006 - An Unofficial Englishman - Kate Summerscale, The Royal Society of Literature
[Julian Barnes, winner of the 2011 Man Booker Prize, discusses the fascination of crime and detection, his feelings about England and 'Englishness', and why writing remains not just a pleasure but a necessity with Kate Summerscale.]

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Italian Translation

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