In the Land of Pain

Written by Alphonse Daudet; Edited & Translated by Julian Barnes
In the Land of Pain by Julian Barnes

Alphonse Daudet (1840-1897) was one of the most popular nineteenth-century French novelists, whose work radiated humour and good cheer.

What few except those close to him knew was that for his entire adult life he suffered from syphilis, a disease both unmentionable and incurable at the time. What even fewer knew was that for the last dozen years of his life he kept an intimate notebook in which he recorded the inevitable development and terrifying effects of the disease. He described the often alarming treatments he took in the desperate attempt to defeat the disease, and wrote with comic zest about life in the spa-towns to which he was sent for a cure. Even for a time when we are more openly confessional about illness, Daudet remains exemplary and instructive, both in his lucid self-examination and in his amused stoicism.

In the Land of Pain was first published by Daudet's widow in 1931.

"Beautifully written and sensitively and intelligently translated." -The Times



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English Editions

In the Land of Pain. London: Jonathan Cape, 2002. £10.00.

In the Land of Pain. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2002. $18.00.

Translated Editions

German - Im Land der Schmerzen. Bremen: manholt, 2003. Pp. 102. Daudet text translated from the French by Dirk Hemjeoltmanns; translation of JB's introduction and notes by Bernhard Liesen.

Spanish - En la tierra del dolor. Barcelona: Alba Editorial, 2003. Pp. 102. Translated by María Teresa Gallego Urrutia and Jesús Zulaika Goikoetxea.


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