Talking It Over

Talking It Over by Julian Barnes

"That's the trouble with talking it over like this. It never seems quite right to the person being talked about." —Gillian in Talking It Over

The ostentatious Oliver falls in love with quiet Gillian and wants to marry her. The problem? Gillian has already married Oliver's best and oldest friend, the somewhat stale but stable Stuart. Each character takes turns addressing the reader in this bright and funny "he said/she said/he said" novel.



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Talking It Over by Julian Barnes Talking It Over by Julian Barnes Talking It Over by Julian Barnes
English Editions

Talking It Over. London: Jonathan Cape, 1991. [See also: Uncorrected Proof]

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Talking It Over. London: Jonathan Cape, 1991. [Paperback]

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Audio Editions

Talking It Over. AudioGO, 2011: Read by Steven Pacey, Alex Jennings, Clare Higgins 
[Unabridged, 7 hours, 55 minutes]

Talking It Over. Random Century Audiobooks, 1991: Read by Jonathan Coy, William Gaminara, and Suzanna Hamilton
[2 cassettes (approx. 3 hours)]

Translated Editions

Catalan - Parlem-ne. Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1994. Translated by Elisabet Ràfols.

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10/25/1991 - Julian Barnes Interview with Don Swaim - Don Swaim, Wired for Sound
[Julian Barnes discusses some of the situations in his latest novel, Talking It Over, and describes the main character, Oliver. He also talks about France's relationship with England and his work with the Oxford English Dictionary.]


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1996 - Love, etc. - Directed by Marion Vernoux
Love, etc.

An Alicéleo, France 3 Cinéma and Le Studio Canal+ coproduction. Starring Yvan Attal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Charles Berling.

A triangle: love, obsession, and choice. Pierre, a ladies' man who has little cash and no fixed residence, describes his best friend Benoît as the world's oldest 32-year-old. The shy, well-employed Benoît's life changes when he answers the personal ad of Marie, a 25-year-old who restores paintings. He's attracted to her and she likes his steady calm and his honest attention. They're soon a couple, and they include Pierre in their dinners, outings, and trips. What will happen when Pierre realizes that he too is in love with Marie? - Written by jhailey@hotmail.com, IMDb.com

12/1996 - Marion, 30 ans, rien que du bonheur - Jean-Yves Katelan, Première p.48

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Talking It Over - Lifeline Theatre in Chicago
Talking It Over - Lifeline Theatre in Chicago Talking It Over - Lifeline Theatre in Chicago

A theatre adaptation of Julian Barnes's novel Talking It Over opened in Chicago on 1 February 2008 at the Lifeline Theatre, performances scheduled through 23 March 2008: www.lifelinetheatre.com

Talking It Over - Lifeline Theatre in Chicago
"Play about cheating is fairly brilliant." Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times - 02/13/2008

Quote: "The three principal actors are impeccable in every way, but so is the supporting cast -- the delicious Ann Wakefield as Gillian's worldly wise French mother and Katie McLean, briefly stealing the show, as a brashly comic former girlfriend. Bloody good all around."

PREREKANJA (Talking It Over) - Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana

A theatre adaptation of Julian Barnes's novel Talking It Over opened in Slovenia on 23 November 2007. Directed by Boris Cavazza, the production is being undertaken by the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana.

Photos from the Opening with Julian Barnes
PREREKANJA - Talking It Over

(Janez Pipan - general manager & artistic director, Valerija Cokan-translator of the novel, Bojan Emersic- actor/Stuart, Damijan Cavazza-set designer, Julian Barnes, Barbara Cerar, actress/Gillian, Gregor Bakovic-actor/Oliver, Boris Cavazza-director, Barbara Korun-language adviser, Ajda Valcl-director's assistant). Photo by Peter Uhan.

PREREKANJA - Talking It Over

(Barbara Cerar actress/Gillian, Julian Barnes, Gregor Bakovic actor/Oliver, Bojan Emersic actor/Stuart). Photo by Peter Uhan.