Conversations with Julian Barnes

Conversations with Julian Barnes edited by Vanessa Guignery and Ryan Roberts

Edited by Vanessa Guignery and Ryan Roberts
University Press of Mississippi, April 2009. Pp. 212

Conversations with Julian Barnes collects eighteen interviews, conducted over nearly three decades, by journalists and correspondents throughout the world with Julian Barnes.

The interviews focus not only on the author's fiction but also on his essays, translations, and pseudonymous writings. Barnes's evolving understanding of the themes developed in his works (history, truth, love, art, and death), his views on the art of the writing process, and the role of authors in contemporary society are also discussed at length.


Vanessa Guignery is assistant professor of British literature at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne and the author of The Fiction of Julian Barnes. Ryan Roberts is a librarian at Lincoln Land Community College. He also maintains the official websites of Julian Barnes and Ian McEwan.

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"There is much to mull over in this comprehensive and worthwhile collection that will give new and old readers of Barnes’s work a greater appreciation for his erudition and geniality." Jeff Bursey, RAINTAXI online, Spring 2010.

08/21/2009 - Vreugde en verdriet der conversatie - Arjan Peters, de Volkskrant


Julian Barnes in Interview - Ronald Hayman, 3

Escape from Metroland - Caroline Holland, 7

Julian Barnes - Patrick McGrath, 11

The World's History and Then Some in 10½ Chapters - Bruce Cook, 20

Into the Lion's Mouth: A Conversation with Julian Barnes - Michael March, 23

He's turned towards Python. (But not the dead Flaubert's Parrot sketch . . .) Interview with Julian Barnes - Observer, 27

'Novels come out of life, not out of theories': An Interview with Julian Barnes - Rudolf Freiburg, 31

'History in question(s)': An Interview with Julian Barnes - Vanessa Guignery, 53

Julian Barnes, The Art of Fiction CLXV - Shusha Guppy, 64

Julian Barnes, Etc. - Robert Birnbaum, 83

Interviews: Julian Barnes - Peter Wild, 96

Julian Barnes in Conversation - Vanessa Guignery, 101

Cool, Clean Man of Letters - Nadine O'Regan, 115

Big Ideas—Program 5—'Julian Barnes' - Ramona Koval, 118

'It's for self-protection' - Stuart Jeffries, 129

Interview with Julian Barnes - Xesús Fraga, 134

Are You an Oldie? - Margaret Crick, 148

Julian Barnes: The Final Interview - Vanessa Guignery and Ryan Roberts, 161